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    Default When James Cameron asked Asin for her autograph

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    While Oscar winning director James Cameron was in the country recently for a conclave Asin was the lucky actress to have met him. She was present at the conclave to represent the industry’s youth and speak on the subject of Reality v/s Idealism. She got the opportunity speak to him at length during the evening that followed.

    Reveals a source present, “Asin and James were both present to bring in Aamir‘s birthday and they had a great time. Aamir even joked to Asin asking her to put a single candle on his cake as opposed to 45 of them. They had a quiet dinner together and discussed cinema and the likes. James Cameron even pulled Asin’s leg to the extent that James was asking her for her autograph throughout the evening.”

    We come to hear that Asin being the great conversationalist that she is, jokingly asked the world’s renowned director if he wanted to break into Bollywood to which the witty director replied, “Sure, why not but on one condition, no song and dance for me in my movie”



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