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    Default Jackie Shroff plays an emotional role in Life Is Good

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    Having touched various genres like action, comedy and horror, Jackie Shroff plays an emotional role in Ektanand Productions’ Life Is Good.

    Life Is Good revolves around a middle-aged Rameshwar, an accountant at the local post office, in a North India hill station. He refrains from getting married for the fear lest the woman he marries would not take care of his slightly handicapped mother.

    But his mother’s death leaves Rameshwar in a tizzy. As he contemplates to end his life, a six-year old girl Mishti (Sanya Ankleswaria) enters his life and changes his outlook of life forever. Clinging on to her as a friend and the reason to live, Rameshwar sees Mishti grow up, first as a thirteen year-old teenager. He realizes that he would have to live with the truth that Mishti would migrate with her fiancée to America once she gets married and he would once again be left all alone.

    Why did he have to choose the first film at the first place? “I don't have any fixed criteria to choose films like my contemporaries do. Their outlook is different; they will first see the money, then the script and will then take the decision. But my thinking is unlike theirs. If someone comes to me and asks me to do a film for him, I'll do it without a second thought. I won't think about how much he is offering me. That’s my weakness, I can't say no,” says the actor.

    But didn’t you have problems enacting emotional and sensitive scenes in the film? “Not an iota! No sooner did I hear the script, I was reminded of my mother and how much I love her. To my surprise, I am attached to my slightly disabled screen mother. The emotion played on me and that drove me to essay the sentimental role,” Shroff observes.

    One of the sought after stars of the 1980s, Jackie has acted in more than 150 films having made his acting debut with a bit role in Dev Anand’s 1973 film Heera Panna. Then there was no looking back for the star.

    He followed it up with films like Swami Dada, Subhash Ghai's Hero, Karma, Ram Lakhan, Parinda, Khalnayak, 1942: A Love Story, Rangeela, Agni Sakshi and Devdas among others.



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