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    Govinda, who remained absent on the silver screen for a while now, had been hibernating in real life as well. The actor has hardly been spotted leaving his Juhu residence for the last one month. And that’s because he did not want his fresh mop of hair damaged.Media has learnt that the former ‘No 1’ actor of Bollywood has undergone a hair transplant four weeks ago.
    Ask him why he went for a transplant and Govinda shrugs, “Arrey, isn’t hair important? Which man would say he is okay with lesser hair on his head?”

    In fact, the actor had been planning the transplant for the last four-and-half years. And when it actually happened, it took almost 10 hours to get done.

    The original plan was to approach the doctor in Dubai who performed the hair transplant procedure on his friend Salman. Those were the days when the two actors starred in David Dhawan’s Partner.

    “However, I didn’t consult him. The doctor who attended to me flew down from Athens (Greece). But please don’t ask me his name and the hospital's name. That’s against medical rules,” insisted Govinda.

    While the actor has acquired a new mop of hair, he has lost some extra weight as well. “Well, I am coming back with Pahlaj Nihalani’s film Avtaar. Toh naya avtaar banta hai na?” he laughed.

    “On a more serious note, let me tell you how I shed so much weight. It has taken me three-and-half months. And trust me, it has not been easy,” added Govinda.

    Detailing his weight-loss regime, Govinda said, “No sugar. No oil. No non-vegetarian food. And when I say 'No', it means 'Absolutely No'. One hour of yoga under the guidance of my teacher Ushaji who comes home. And then an hour of running on Juhu beach every single day, either from 5-6 am or 6-7 am. Day begins early, but it’s good in a way. I am feeling much more active as well.”

    And his hard work has paid off. “Sunita (wife), Narmada (daughter) and Yash (son) haven't stopped complimenting me,” he gushed.
    Even his director Nihalani is happy with the makeover. “I can't talk about the storyline of the film. But the manner in which Govinda has become thin is commendable. He is coming back with a bang. Underline this,” said Nihalani who had incidentally introduced him in Bollywood with Ilzaam 25 years ago.



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