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    Default Isha Koppikar now a business woman!

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    Actor Isha Koppikar who married Hotelier Timmy Narang in 2009 is all set to launch her own chain of restaurants. The actor, who confesses to being health conscious all her life, decided to set up her own chain of health restaurants and promote a healthy lifestyle to everyone. The actor is currently away in the US for a two month professional hospitality course.

    "I don't understand anything about business. To begin anything from scratch, I had to obviously learn everything about being an entrepreneur so I decided to take up the course in US to make sure I get my basics right. I have always been fond of food and different cuisines and people are increasingly becoming aware of eating healthy. I wanted to make sure I come up with something that benefits everyone which is why this idea was developed. Of course, Timmy will help me with the entire thing since he is already an established entrepreneur," she says talking about her plans.

    Though Isha is turning restaurateur, acting, she says will always remain her first love. "I love acting and that is what I am here for. I have always loved being in front of the camera and that is never going to change. Movies are my passion. Acting, as a profession is very time-bound and even otherwise, I have always wanted to be a business woman," says Isha.



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