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    Default Irfan Khan losing weight !!!

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    The actor who has pushed all the limits to attain perfection in his performance is as of now losing some extra pounds for his forthcoming film. Yes you heard it right, Irfan is on a mission to shed pounds

    Irfan Khan and Dia Mirza are now coupled in the film Alibaug. During an interview with Dia, she informed that as of now he is on a weight loss program. And he is doing this for a hospital sequence in the film.

    She is apparently mesmerized by the method actor and goes ga-ga over him at a mere mention. “He is an institution in himself; you don’t have to act with him you just have to respond, ” said the smitten Dia.

    “I met him for the first time at Mahesh Bhatt’s party where I lend him one of the DVD. Our tuning is on cerebral level, ” she clears.

    All is well if you respond to him well Dia.
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