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    Talking Introducing Lingo-Shahid!

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    [DOWN]It has been a growing rage, this trend of concocting after multiple permutations - combinations, names which address adored couples, celebrated biggies, on screen duos, et al.. Just a kind of language that conveniently co-exists among the fans world over, terms they relate to and connect with in reference to their favorite stars.

    Shanatics, are one such sect - the crazed Shahid phan gurls as they like be called and understood. And the name based slang does not end here. Shanatics have come up with an ingenious vocabulary list compiled specifically to refer to Shahid and related stuff.

    Curious? Take a look yourself!

    Shanatics - Shahid Kapoor fanatics.

    Shayanka - fan name for the Shahid Priyanka duo. The initiators of this tag name want the jodi to substantiate beyond the screen in real life.

    Shanelia - fan name for Shahid and Genelia, post Chance Pe Dance.

    Shamrita- Yet another couple name, which clubs Shahid and Amrita

    Sharashtra- all the places in the world where Shahid rules.

    Shak- that's another name for him.

    Sasha - that's a name that his friends actually use for him. It's also very popular online, though this has not originated online.

    Fafha- that's the F equivalent of Sasha.

    Fahid - of course... the popular self claimed F version of his name.

    Shonamuni and Charlie Boy - are both rip - offs from Kaminey too.

    Shasome - The Shahid version of English word 'awesome'.

    Sharricane- is the hurricane that is 'Shahid'

    Impressed? We sure were! For all aspiring Shanatics, the current members wish to let you know that they may be contacted in their common residence - Shashaland.


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