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    Default International Digital Film Festival to kick-start in Mumbai

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    Having been in the running for 4 successful years, this year 0110 IDFF has travelled to Mumbai. A film festival encouraging new age cinema, the festival's 5th edition would open with Keanu Reeves' production Side By Side. In addition other movies showcased would be Oscar winning documentary Saving Face, The World Before Her, Playground Chronicles amongst others.

    Aside from film screenings the festival would also be holding seminars and workshops on several interesting subjects such as workshops on 3D Stereoscopic filmmaking, scriptwriting and seminars on subjects like Censorship, Women in Cinema, Script Vs. Star and Taxation.

    The highlight however, would be the workshop on Digital vs. Film and Documentary Production, using the documentary Side By Side as a case study which would be held by Christopher Kenneally (director, Side by Side) and Justin Szlasa (Co-producer).

    Held from 2nd through 6th February 2013 at Whistling Woods International, Mumbai; the festival is free for all to attend.



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