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    Default I had inhibitions about doing steamy scenes: Tena Desae

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    She may be a relatively new face in Bollywood, but she sounds confident about her big screen capers. Tena Desae, who started off with modeling and 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' in 2012 was also featured in a reputed swimsuit calendar. This year kickstarted with the release of her film 'Table No 21' opposite Rajeev Khandelwal. In Ahmedabad for a promotional tour,TOI caught up with her for a quick chat.

    Ask her about her experience of working in Table No 21, she says, "I liked the script immediately as the story was interesting and unique. It is a thought provoking movie. As I am new in the film industry, I will not say no to something like this." The actress, who also had a steamy scene with Rajeev, says, "I had inhibitions about doing the scene. We shot the scene in the middle of a street with some 2,000 people around us, which made it very uncomfortable. But Rajeev was ultra calm about it and as an actor, it was my duty to be calm, so that he does not have to take the extra load of making me comfortable. After that, I was just concerned about how it would turn out as it needed to look passionate."

    While Tena had a few reservations about the liplock, she was not at all uncomfortable when it came to her wearing a bikini. Comfortable with flaunting her sexy avatar, Tena says, "We are living in 21st century! Being a model, I was completely comfortable in the bikini scene. It also depends on the director's sensibility and whether he shows the actress in a flattering way or not." While she is only a few movies old in B-Town, Tena talks about her future plans and says, "After doing these films, I tend to think about my strengths and weaknesses and what films I should do. Right now I want to try out all genres and all-budget films and then only think about what is best suited for me. I want to play characters which are sensible and I can identify with."

    Hopping from one city to another for promotional activities, Tena says, "Going to different cities and interacting with the local media creates a buzz about the film. It is necessary to create awareness about your film." The actress has now learnt driving a car and gets excited talking about it. She says, "Work rules my world. But I have just learnt how to drive and I'm really enjoying it. If anyone at home needs to go to the market or salon or anywhere, I immediately grab my car keys and drive them to their destination."

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