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    Kunaal Roy Kapur is best remembered as the funny face in Aamir Khan's 'Delhi Belly'. For someone who started his career as a teen star in the TV soap, Just Mohabbat and moved on to directing plays, Kunaal is now focusing in films.

    With his recent flick (Nautanki Saala), also a comedy, Kunaal tells us how he is most comfortable doing comic roles in films. He says, "I am good at comedy, but it also depends on the producer and director as to what kind of role they think I'd fit in. I am not in a position right now to choose the sort of roles I'll do, otherwise, given a choice I'd love to do action roles."

    Being Siddharth Roy Kapur's (CEO of a popular production house in B-Town and Vidya Balan's husband)brother Kunaal accepts that it helps having an "influential sibling" but also says that, "it would be great if people dissociate Siddharth and me professionally and recognise us for our work. Of course that does not happen in reality. Being the brother of a powerful man has helped me people treat me differently when I ask them to meet me for film projects. It definitely acts to my advantage, but the picture's not as rosy as it seems."

    After Delhi Belly, Kunaal accepts that it became a challenge to find the right character and script that would do justice to his abilities. He says, "I am not rooting for lead roles only. It is important to work with a good filmmaker."

    Kunal who visited Ahmedabad sometime back for a photo shoot says he enjoys doing "shoots" besides doing "theatre and movies." He says, "I had come to shoot a cement factory and there was nothing glamorous about it, but a real photographer will know how to shoot an object or a living being with equal beauty," he says on a parting note.



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