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    Thumbs up Iím the first Indian Barbie: Katrina

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    British-born actress Katrina Kaif, whose face will now adorn Barbie dolls, says contrary to what people believe her Barbie is not an Indian counterpart of the international brand. She also feels that in many ways itís an endorsement of how kids connect with her.ĒIíd call it a fun honour. To have your face on dolls that youíve played with from childhood is quite flattering. Weíve been in negotiation for nearly six months. It finally came together for the 50-year celebration of Barbie,Ē said Katrina. ďContrary to what people believe my Barbie is not an Indian counterpart of the international brand. Itís an honour because Iím the first Indian to be the face of Barbie. Iíll be dressed the way the Barbie is all over the world,Ē quipped Katrina.ĒAnd I think in many ways itís an endorsement of how kids connect with me. You canít be the face of an international doll unless kids like you.
    I like that. The thought that kids like me enough to make me a part of their doll collection is very gratifying,Ē added the 24-year-old.The actress walked the ramp as the showstopper at a special show dedicated to Barbie at the Lakme Fashion Week here. She sported a small pink dress that the ĎKatrina Barbieí will be wearing from September. With the Barbie image coming to the surface, Katrina is a little worried about the bubbly-girl image that sheíd like to change.ĒSo much for my attempts to move to more mature level as an actor,Ē laughed the actress. ďI guess Prakash Jhaís Rajneeti will take care of that. But Iím very happy being the clean healthy Barbie-girl next door. The dollís look and dress were planned in collaboration with Katrina.ĒIt is quite something, if you think about it. But Iíd rather not. I donít want my head to get swollen.
    For me, itís enough that I was chosen because I reflect a certain bubbly wholesome personality, quite contrary to the ísexyí tag that I get in net polls and which Iím not very comfortable with,Ē she said. Apart from Rajneeti, Katrinaís other releases this year are debutant director Anthony DíSouzaís underwater thriller Blue and Yash Raj Filmsí New York.

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