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    Default The Indian audience is evolving: Luke Kenny

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    Luke Kenny, a popular face on television, turned actor with Bombay Boys. And with The Rise of the Zombies, he is turning a director.

    Talking about his reason behind making a film on zombies, he says, "The genre has been popular for a while in international cinema. Indian cinema hasn't explored it and it was a challenge for me and Devika Singh, the writer and co-director of the film." Devika's story will be made into three films.

    A multi-tasker in his own right, Luke says, "It is like swimming, where you have to perform multiple functions at one time, like breathing while moving your limbs while trying to stay afloat." Luke adds that he has been staying away from acting for the big screen post Rock On!!. "People wanted to cast me in the same roles that of a foreigner or a musician. I want to explore myself as an actor and for that I want a good story," he says.

    With the Indian audience opening up to different kinds of cinema, and people getting the chance to share their stories, Luke feels, "The commercial success of a film depends on the audience and today there is no demarcation in cinema. In films like ours, using big stars would have only sidelined the content. People are now ready to invest in new cinema. Technology is making storytelling much easier and people are ready to experiment."

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