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    Default Indian animator receives hand-written note from Steven Spielberg

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    An animated film made by an Indian student as a tribute to his movie idol Steven Spielberg has earned him a personal note from the legendary director.

    A 19-year old student from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology (Bangalore), created an animated tribute using Speilberg's most iconic films, including Jaws, Jurassic Park, ET, Schindler's List and his most recent movie, Lincoln and uploaded it on Youtube a week ago.

    Spielberg saw a blog by Krishna about himself on Chicago Sun Times and then watched the short clip before reverting with a extremely touching and personally hand-written note.

    "Dear Krishna, I read the story about you in the Chi Sun Times and then I watched your sweet and short respectful movie. Your image choices and clever transitions gave your tribute films a real narrative. I was impressed to say the least," Spielberg wrote.

    The director promised Krishna that he will closely follow his career.

    "I will be looking at the horizon to see where next you will emerge.....and impress," Spielberg wrote.

    Shenoi, a second-year college student was thrilled to received the note from his movie idol.

    "Wow. Steven Spielberg, my favorite filmmaker of all time, wrote, handwrote, a note to me after seeing my animated tribute to him. I'm shaking in knees right now. Wow."



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