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    Default Imran recommended Shruti Haasan for ‘Luck’

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    They are childhood friends

    Shruti Haasan's debut in “Luck” is an eagerly awaited one. The young rock star and daughter of the veteran Kamal Haasan is looking stunning and remarkably confident in the promos while her “Aazma Luck” number is steadily on its ascent.

    In fact, Shruti landed herself this multi-starrer thanks to a suggestion by Imran Khan to director Soham Shah.

    Shruti’s mother Sarika and Imran’s mom have been friends for many years. When Sarika and her daughters were based in Chennai, they stayed with Imran’s mother during their Mumbai visits and that’s how Imran and Shruti became friends.

    Confirms Imran, "Shruti and I have known each other since we were 10 or 12. We're friends and get on very well. Soham was keen to cast a new girl and after he gave me a description of what he was looking for, I suggested Shruti. She had the attitude, style and body language that was needed of the character. She was game and flew down from Chennai for an audition. Soham loved her screen test and confirmed her."

    Imran isn't sparing in his praise for his good friend. "While my favourite song in “Luck” is ‘Khuda Ya Veh’, Shruti's rendition of ‘Aazma Luck’ is fantastic! It's proper rock!"

    “Luck” releases worldwide on July 24th by Indian Films - Studio 18.




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