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    Default I'm scared for myself: Fardeen

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    A look at his shooting schedule does not betray any sign of emotional turmoil that actor Fardeen Khan has been through the past few

    In Hyderabad to shoot for a film, FK Juniorís smile exudes warmth. ĎIím scared for myselfí, he says when asked about being a father. Excerpts from an interview.

    What brings you to Hyderabad?
    Well, Iím here shooting for a film with Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt, Bipasha Basu and Mugdha Godse. Weíve wrapped up the shoot. It feels great when another movie has been shot successfully. This is also the first time Iíve worked with director Rohit Shetty. Rohit loves cinema and sets high standards for himself. Heís like a general on the sets but not the tyrannical kind (laughs). He is a team player.

    Your next release is a comedy too...
    Yes. It is a comedy film about love and marriage. Iím paired opposite Genelia and we play a contemporary Indian couple who think itís important to live with each other before getting married. Itís a very character-driven film and I think there is something in it for everyone.

    Youíve been part of many multistarrers...
    None of my decisions are based on the remuneration or star cast. It has to strike a chord with me. When I decide to do a film, I totally sink my teeth into it. I have to get that gut feeling about it because on screen, I translate those feelings into the emotions I portray. Plus Iím not an insecure person to shun multistarrers.

    Most of your films these days are comedies. Why donít we see you doing films like Jungle?
    Only RGV can make a movie like Jungle. I love doing action-adventure films. But unfortunately, I havenít got a chance to do something on those lines. I did collaborate with RGV again, but the movies were of different genres. So, Iím waiting for that script to come my way.

    It must have been really tough for you to get back to work soon after your dad Feroz Khan passed away...
    I started work 10 days after dad passed away. Work has been very therapeutic for me. It helped me take my mind off things and mourn my loss in a way thatís very productive. Moreover, the shooting of my current film was delayed for a month because I decided to spend all my time with dad and also because Sanjay Dutt was busy with the elections. Ajay Devgan was very supportive. So, after 10 days, I decided to get back to work and honour my commitments.

    With your dad not around, what do you miss about him the most?
    There are so many things about dad that Iím going to miss. He was a great friend, philosopher and guide to me. But the one thing that set him apart was his total honesty and straightforwardness. No one can say it like dad. The way he lived ó unapologetic and larger than life ó is something that no one
    can forget.

    There were plans of remaking Qurbani. Whatís happening on that front?
    Iíll be starting work on the pre-production of Qurbani soon. Iím setting up my own production house and this will be my first film. The starcast and director is yet to be finalised. The only person on board is Sanjay Dutt who will be playing Amjad Khanís role. Dad had planned the remake and I want to finish it.

    With four releases this year, you must be really busy?
    Yes. This year has been really hectic for me with dad passing away and me shooting nonstop. Professionally, thatís the way I like it to be. I will take a weekend off sometime and later think of going on vacation.

    How are things on the personal front?
    Married life is rocking. My momís been telling me for a long time that she wants to be a grandmom. Natasha and I plan to start a family and hopefully there will be another FK or a little girl soon. Bringing a child into this world is a daunting task. Considering what I put my parents through, Iím really scared for myself. I want to be a good father.

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