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    Default I'm in Rs.1,000 crore zone: Irrfan

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    If Bollywood's big Khans are eyeing Rs.100 crore and Rs.200 crore club, internationally acclaimed Irrfan Khan says he has already surpassed that with "Slumdog Millionaire" and "The Amazing Spider-Man" collections.
    " 'Slumdog Millionaire' has earned more than Rs.800 crore, Spider-Man must have gone beyond that and 'Life Of Pi' will definitely go bigger because the cost itself is Rs.500 crore. So, I am working in both kinds of films and I am in the Rs.1,000 crore zone," Irrfan told IANS.
    Thanks to international offers, Irrfan has an option to move base to Hollywood, but says he has no such plans.
    "I get a lot of Hollywood films and if I want to shift there and live there, I could do that. But then I will have to depend on each and every film that is coming my way for survival and I don't want to do that. I want to choose subjects that are special to me, giving me something extra as an actor to engage myself and that's why I do Hollywood film, otherwise, I don't get money."
    "It doesn't mean that if it's a $100 million film I am getting a million dollar. It's not like that...Sometimes I lose money. But the kind of films I did has given me a longer life as an actor. The prime thing for me is to be interested in this job. Once I lose interest, then what will I do?"
    Filmmakers cast him because he is a saleable actor, he added.
    "I feel, I am saleable otherwise nobody would have cast me. Industry is not here for social service, they cast you because you get that much money on the table. I have my own limitations, I have my own market and that's why I am being cast in a film, which is (made on a budget of) around Rs.20 crore or Rs.50 crore," said the 45-year-old.
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