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    Default "I'm planning to direct Akad in 2011" - Arshad Warsi

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    rom acting to producer to a director. If there is one name which hits your mind instantly after thinking of these three ingredients of filmmaking, you've got to get Aamir Khan in first. But the new name to enter the domain of three in one is Arshad Warsi. The actor turned producer reveals, "There is a friend of mine who is a journalist. He had a concept, an idea. So one day, we just started chatting about what he had thought. It was a nice little story. We wanted to make a very quirky action comedy. It's a little bit on the Guy Ritchie side and the Tarantino side. That's the fact and I have nothing to hide."

    Yes, Arshad had nothing to hide and why should he? On further questioning, he opens up a few more cards. Warsi says, "There is humour with seriousness. I wouldn't say that it is going to be like a Kaminey. The film starts with the last scene of the film, then goes here and there, then it jumps up and down. As a director, it is the most difficult script to work on. I've got the picture in my head and so I have decided to direct it. If I give it to someone else, and if he doesn't get the clear picture, chances are there the film can go very wrong. It's tough film to direct."

    For a new entrant, we're sure any film is a tough one to direct but knowing Arshad's prowess in acting, we're sure he'll do a decent job behind the camera too. So before he ends his talk on his decided direction, we quiz him one last time on the title of his film. He smiles and says, "I don't know why I'm telling you all this but I guess that's how I am. At the moment, we've tentatively titled the film Akad. I'm planning to direct Akad in 2011."

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