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    Default I'm not Jacqueline's sister: Deep Chandi Perera

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    After Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez, Bollywood is ready to welcome another Sri lankan model turned actress Deep Chandi Perera in the tinsel town. Born in Colombo and raised in Australia, Chandi is a professional theatre artist, model and actress. She is popularly known as Deep Chandi Perera in Sri Lankan movies, but prefers people to address her as Chandi. Chandi is currently based in Mumbai for a while and soon planning to make her entry in Bollywood films. Says Chandi, "I have been in Mumbai for a while now, and you will be surprised that people fail to recognize me that I'm from a Sri Lanka. Many think I'm a Punjabi Girl. I have been in talks with lot of Indian filmmakers. Nothing has been finalized yet, but I have been approached by filmmaker Neeraj Pathak to do a role for his next upcoming movie."

    So why did she decided to shift from Sri Lankan movies to Bollywood movie and Chandi confesses, "Bollywood is anytime a big budget movie and there is lot of opportunities to explore. I have been following Bollywood movies for a long time now. It has been more than two years that I have been acting doing theatres and modeling in Sydney. I did my debut as a lead character actress in a movie called 'Ekh pal' directed by an Indian filmmaker Satish Rai way back in 2009. The film was in English but never got released in India. It was not a star oriented movie. Besides that I had a small role in the Bollywood movie 'Hey baby'. It was a very small role and the movie was being shot in Australia. The producer of Hey Baby was looking out for an Indian face and that's when I got selected and was offered the role to do in the movie. It was my first exposure to work for a Bollywood movie."

    She continues, " Frankly, I observed that there is no difference in working whether be Sri Lankan movies or Bollywood movie. Both the countries culture is the same. The only difference is that people in the Bollywood industry have lot o f dedication in their work. It hardly doesn't matter which country you represent at the end of the day it's your work that counts more. I have seen that many of my theatre friends in Sydney were more keen on working in Hollywood movies. So when I decided to join Bollywood they were a bit surprised. I felt scope in Bollywood is much more. Honestly speaking how many Asian faces actually get a chance to play the lead role in Hollywood movies?"

    There have been reports saying that Chandi is cousin sister of Jacqueline Fernandez and she brushes off the rumour, "I'm not her cousin. I have never met Jacqueline but would love to meet her. I often go to Sri Lanka but we have never met each other." Chandi who is not that fluent in Hindi is getting trained in Hindi speaking classes and kathak dance. She says, "I'm not that fluent in Hindi so learning Hindi now. Although I know to read and write Hindi the only problem is that can't speak fluently. I have also joined kathak dance classes and next I want to learn Martial arts."

    Would she be interested to do any item number songs in Bollywood movies and she admits, "I love dancing and would love to do an item number song. I think it's got so much of power once you see an item song performance on the big screen. It's so thrilling. Audience just loves watching it. It's good to experiment on roles and I wouldn't mind doing it."



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