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    Arrow I'm not getting married this year: Shilpa Shetty

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    New Delhi, Aug 28 (IANS) Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is upset over news that she is set to tie the knot with London-based businessman Raj Kundra by the year end. She clarifies that she isn't getting married this year.

    'I've said before, I will make an official announcement the day my parents decide on my marriage date and I promise the press will have at least a month to celebrate the announcement. So to set the record straight, no I'm not getting married this year. Yes, I am looking at next year, but date not decided,' Shilpa posted on her blog

    A British newspaper reported Thursday that the actress would be getting married between September and December in Britain after her father, Surendra Shetty, wrote so in an application to an Indian court.

    But Shilpa has slammed the news. 'I am sick and tired of people calling me to clarify after they've put it as breaking news on some channels and wasted reams of paper on concocted news articles,' she said.

    Shilpa is also upset over the leakage of the details her father gave to the court to acquire his passport.

    'My poor dad is already having a tough time every time he has to travel abroad and has to apply for his passport, and as alway it's harrowing enough for him to go back and forth every time for his passport...,' she said.

    Surendra Shetty's passport was reportedly confiscated after he was charged with threatening a business associate he claimed owed money to his daughter. Since then, he and his wife Sunanda have only been able to travel overseas with the court's permission, which is why he applied for the passport on the alleged pretext of Shilpa's wedding.

    'My dad's 67 and ageing, please let the poor man live in peace and dignity, it's annoying. I request the press to report responsibly and not make any baseless assumptions,' stated Shipa.


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