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    Red face I'm doing what no other actress has ever done: Rani Mukherji

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    I'm doing what no other actress has ever done: Rani Mukherji
    Rani Mukherji might have had two flops in Saawariya and Laaga Chunari Mein Daag but she is confident about the success of her forthcoming film, Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic. Set to win the hearts as an angel in the film, she speaks to Trans World Features correspondent at length.

    This is a new year and your first release this year.
    I am all excited about my next film. I hope the audience like it. It’s a different kind of film.

    So are you nervous?
    Come on…no way. I am rather all excited and confident. It has been a great experience working in a film. This type of a film has never been tried earlier in India.

    Tell me what attracted you so much that you chose to play an angel in the film…
    Of course the story line and my role. I have always tried to do something new for the audience… give them something new. This time too it wasn’t different. I play an angel, which no other actress has played earlier in Indian films.

    Does that mean you like experimenting?
    I have always liked that and done that with my roles. I would rather say that I have been lucky. My directors have always come to me and offered me roles where I have got the chance to experiment.

    So how did you go about playing an angel? Experimented a lot…
    It was mainly improvisation as there was no set pattern. No one has seen an angel, so we don’t know how they talk or walk. So it was completely imagination and improvisation.

    And you enjoyed a lot doing that…
    Oh yes… that was an experience (laughs). I did all the stunts myself. In fact you won’t believe the stuntman got crazy. They generally get more to work with the heroes but this time it was only me who did the stunts. He hardly got a chance to work with Saif…

    Okay.. Coming to Saif, you team up with Kunal and Saif once again after Hum Tum and Tara Rum Pum…
    That is when your job becomes easy. Kunal is extremely supportive. We all know each other well.

    Since there wasn’t much I could prepare myself for the role of an angel it was Kunal who used to guide me but at the same time he also gave me the room.

    There were times when I completely surprised him by doing something on my own. It always helps when you work with friends.

    And what about Saif?
    Oh! He is a great person and actor but more than that is that we are good friends. We have seen each other evolve as actors since the days of Hum Tum and that’s why we also inspire one another as actors. (smiles)

    So you mean playing an angel was all about fun…
    For me it was… (pauses) there were hard times but that got lost in the fun. I play a role where I am not supposed to cry because I have come to the world to spread love. This angel doesn’t have a tear gland.

    Controlling one’s emotion is a tough job. And then there were times when I was tied hard in the stomach with a harness, to give that particular look. It was very painful…

    Yes but the best part was then I was lifted in the air with cranes and it was real fun. That took away all the pain.

    That means it was challenging?
    It has to be challenging. I have always liked doing such roles. Maybe it might not have been as challenging as the one I played in Black but it was definitely challenging.

    Tell me something… When do we see you in a non-Yash Raj film?
    Well…well my last film Saawariya wasn’t a Yash Raj film.

    But your next one is also a Yash Raj Film?
    See I do films based on the roles I get. I told you. Be it Black, Veer Zaara or Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic all the roles have been different.

    At times the films have not worked also but the audiences have always appreciated my effort. And that is what matters a lot to me. My next film opposite Shahid Kapur is an equally exciting film.

    Okay…okay… what do you play?
    A woman cricketer.

    A woman cricketer?
    Yes, it is directed by debutant Anurag Singh and I am right now learning the game. I believe in 100 per cent commitment.

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    i love rani lol

    aww thanks payal, luv ya too.

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    lol i lyke rani too

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    Rani is awesome
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