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    Enough is enough for director Tarun Mansukhani, who has finally spoken out against rumours that he has been asked to leave Karan Johar's Dharma Productions and that he asked the filmmaker for a share in the company's profits. He has refuted both claims.

    According to recent reports, Johar asked the "Dostana" director to leave his production company following creative differences on "Dostana 2".

    "Rumour#1 - 'Karan has asked me to leave Dharma' - I have not been ousted from Dharma (Productions). I am very much a part of the company. Always was and always will be. There are no misunderstandings or creative differences between Karan and me," tweeted Mansukhani.

    The director also set the record straight as far as asking for a share in Dharma Productions' profits are concerned.

    "I have never ever asked for a share in profits. Karan pays me more than I am worth. He has given me an apartment to stay in. And even tolerated and pampered me despite not having made a film since 2008."
    "It would be extremely ungrateful of me, someone who is eternally indebted to him, to ever ask for a share in profits," he added.

    Mansukhani says, "Karan has and always will be my family, my friend and my boss."



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