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    Default I'm an actor, not comedian: Sivaji

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    Sivaji, known for his work in films such as "Missamma", "Ammayi Bagundi" and "Ayyare", likes to be called an actor rather than a comedian.
    "An actor should be open to do all kinds of roles. Since I do more comedy roles, that doesn't make me any less of an actor. Comedy also involves acting with a good timing for humour," Sivaji told us.
    In his 15-year-long stint in showbiz, he has acted in over 50 films and mostly played roles with a comic side.
    He says that he chose to do comedy because "it appeals to all category of the audience, but not because I can't act".
    Sivaji, who has done some negative roles too, claims that viewers like his performance irrespective of the role he plays.
    "The audience loved my character in 'Aadanthe Ado Type', which portrayed me in a negative role because they liked my performance. Had I been viewed only as a comedian, people would've hated that role," Sivaji added.
    His next release is Telugu revenge-drama "Gurudu", which will release in the first week of December.
    Are you doing any roles with negative shades in the future?
    "In my next film after "Gurudu", I'll be seen playing a negative role. I'm sure the audience will love it because I put my heart and soul in every role I do," he said.



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