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    Neelima Azim explains why she didn't visit son Shahid's gal Priyanka Chopra at the hospital

    Pankaj Kapoor along with Supriya Pathak called upon Priyanka Chopra in the hospital sending out a clear message that the actress is part of Shahid Kapoor's life.

    But his mom Neelima Azim avoided visiting the hospital.

    She told us, "Everyone needs space and I believe in giving it to them. I would pay her a visit later at her own place," she adds.

    "But then at this juncture, I don't want to say anything more and be a party to anything. Shahid and I are close and happy."

    Neelima admits that she has met Priyanka. "I met her recently but it was a professional meeting.

    She is a sweet, down-to-earth girl and a fine actor. More than that she is a good human being that is what matters. We hit off well."

    She adds, "Shahid has not confided in me about her. So I don't know if it is friendship or they are good neighbours or more."

    Shifted home

    Neelima heard about the hospital visit through someone. "I have just shifted to Nirman Cottage, which is walking distance from Shahid's place at Raj Classic, so I am busy settling in at my new place.

    B-Town buzz was that Shahid's ex Kareena Kapoor and she never got along. "That was all hearsay and there were such unhappy repercussions.

    One invests so much emotionally in a relationship and then you get to hear all this," claims Neelima.

    She smiles, "My younger son Ishaan (from her second ex-hubby Rajesh Khattar) and Shahid are extremely close."

    At the moment the actress is busy with her dance. "I achieved so much at a young age so I want to pursue it." Her directorial debut Nawab Nautanki which had dance as its backdrop is on hold for the moment.

    She informs, "It was on the verge of going on the floors till recession hit. It is a Rs 22 crore project so it makes no sense to roll it now.

    I have pushed it to next year. She further adds, "I recently showed the script to Shahid again and he told me: 'Mom it is good'."

    The danseuse-actress is not averse to acting whether on the silver screen or on TV. She is also putting her thoughts to another small budget film.



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