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    Default I'd love to do another Hindi film: Denise tells Akshay

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    Denise Richards is going to watch more Hindi films, finds them more passionate than American romantic comedies and would love to do another Bollywood flick after her brief cameo in the big budget "Kambakkht Ishq". The Hollywood star reveals all this and more in a conversation with co-star Akshay Kumar, who she admits she finds cute.

    Excerpts from the conversation:

    Akshay: We have Denise Richards here with me... So what do you think about being in the Indian film industry in Bollywood?

    Denise: "Kambakkht Ishq" was my first Bollywood film and I didn't know what to expect from it. But I felt very comfortable. Bollywood is a very catchy phrase, it sounds cool. All of you welcomed me and made feel so comfortable. Thank you. You all are very helpful and very fun people and I love that.

    Akshay: Have you seen any Bollywood film?

    Denise: I have three movies in my bag and I'm going to go home and watch all the three movies.

    Akshay: All three are my movies. (Laughs)

    Denise: I have heard AK (Akshay Kumar) is a very big star and I am so honoured and flattered to work with a big star like him.

    Akshay: I must tell you, Denise has done some romantic scenes with me which are typically Bollywood style. So did you find any difference in that?

    Denise: I find this Bollywood movie to be more passionate than a romantic comedy in America. The emotions are bigger here and there is much more passion here which I like.

    Akshay: Is emotion different between Hollywood and Bollywood?

    Denise: No, I think for this movie in particular the intention is the same. The woman is in love with the man and the other woman is sad seeing him go. So the intention is the same as far as a romantic comedy is concerned. Bollywood movies are bigger and more passionate of course.

    Akshay: Would you do another movie here?

    Denise: Yes, I would love to do another Bollywood movie.

    Akshay: There is a shot where Denise gives all her shopping bags to me and when I am walking with her I fall down.

    Denise: He is the biggest action star and in that particular scene I think that you really fell. But I also thought that when we both were walking down the steps in a scene, like Spartans, you were a little clumsy and that was very cute. And I do find that most action stars like Pierce Brosnan are a little clumsy and that's very cute, endearing and sweet.

    Akshay: I think that it's very natural also. Basically a man when he is walking, he is a little clumsy somewhere or the other, especially carrying so many bags, like 10-15 of them. I think we are clumsy.

    Denise: But it was very easy working with them. Doing a romantic comedy in my very first scene, coming gout of a pool I had to kiss him and all that and it can be very awkward and uncomfortable sometimes.

    Akshay: Were you uncomfortable?

    Denise: No, you were very nice. You made me feel so comfortable which was very nice and very much at ease. The director (Sabir Khan) is so sweet and such like a big kid and laughs a lot and he likes to collaborate and give ideas. He made me feel so comfortable as well... Everyone made me feel very comfortable.

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