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    Default Hurman loves the sound of his voice

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    The actor’s first ‘love stories’ — be it his debut film Love Story 2050, or even PriyankaChopra are now a thing of the past.

    Hurman S Baweja, as he likes to call himself, has moved on to Gowariker’s What’s Your Rashee? that’s keeping him busy these days. But what’s keeping him even more amused is his dictaphone.

    The actor records his lines on it and listens to it intently. “I like to record my lines and listen to them. That way I know exactly what tone I should be using, and how I should be saying my dialogues,” he tells us, revealing his pro side. However, he’s up to some interesting monkey business as well. “I also sneak around and keep recording my unit’s interesting conversations whenever I get the time,” he laughs. So all you unit members better beware, Hurman is on the prowl, eavesdropping. So please keep the khud ko Hrithik Roshan samjhta hai kind of remarks for a later time.

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    Thank you very much !!!

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    thanks alot for sharing dear!



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