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    Default Hrithik's a good companion: Barbara Mori

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    She’s being kept under wraps till such time as the full-blown publicity campaign for Rakesh Roshan’s Kites breaks.

    But TOI managed a tete-a-tete with Barbara Mori. Yeah, the Mexican girl loves Mumbai and the movies we make.

    How are you today?

    I am really excited because Kites is the biggest film I have ever done. I never imagined that I would come to Bollywood and be a part of a film made for audience all over the world. Kites will be very important for my career because this is my first international movie. I can´t wait!

    One hears that you have performed some daring stunts in the film? Were you scared? Tell us about some of the stunts...

    I was not scared at all, because I like danger. I was really very impressed with the action director and with car crashes and explosions. Hrithik is so good at action, I was learning a lot from him. The action director kept dissuading me from doing my stunts because they were dangerous. But I went to Hrithik and told him I can do it. So he said okay and convinced the action director to let me do my own action stunts. We had a lot of fun. It was the best experience of my career!

    Are you open to doing more films in Bollywood post Kites?

    Of course, I would love to do more movies in Bollywood. It will be a pleasure for me.

    Why have you stayed away from Mumbai for so long? Shouldn’t you be here to publicise your film?
    I live in Mexico with my son and my family and I have been working so much in my country. Of course I will come to India soon. I’m looking forward to it.

    Are you aware of the entire media circus around your teaming up with Hrithik Roshan?
    Working with Hrithik was an amazing experience because he is a very good companion and now a very good friend. As co-stars, Hrithik and I got along really well, he gave me the confidence to do a few scenes that I was initially scared of like the underwater swimming scene.

    There is also talk of physical intimacy between Hrithik and you in the movie...
    I would not like to comment. Please watch the film.



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