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    Default Hrithik Roshan: The only international star we have

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    There is a scene in Karan Johar’s ‘Agneepath’ where a totally-doused-with-blood lead hero has been beautifully shot running in slow-motion towards his enemies. There are ample reasons to why you sat in complete awe while the sequence unfolded, but the prime reason is a certain phenomenon known as Hrithik Roshan. The raw intensity in his eyes, the fury and vengeance on his face, and the brawn in his arms while he trails in that particular sequence is, in a nutshell, no feat of an ordinary actor. We would not have set our hearts on doing a prose on somebody devoid of celestial charms. Hrithik deserves the world on his palm, let alone a flawed feature. Here’s our tribute to the superstar, the only we say, at par with his much-celebrated Hollywood counterparts.

    When he burst on the screen with the advent of the millennium, shouting, with his ripped guts intact, “Aiey Mere Dil Tu Gaaye Ja”, we knew somebody had arrived, somebody substantial, somebody who’d go a long way. He was a ‘prepared’ debutant, unlike the best of them. He had the looks, the moves, the body, and yes, he could act too. Adolescent girls throughout the nation heaved a sigh after the exaltation. Another, heavier sigh when they came to know that the guy they had just begun infatuating about is already seeing somebody. That did not harm his fan-base, though. Hrithik was not to be ignored. His first feature had broken all previous records set in Bollywood, and by several notches of magnitude. The future seemed bright as the sun in the noon.
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