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    Hrithik has been concentrating on his home production, Kites, which has left him with little time to prepare for the role of a paraplegic in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish.

    The actor may be moving around on a wheelchair at home, but the role requires more work than that, for which time is in short supply. Bhansali’s solution is simple: bring Goa to Mumbai. He has decided to recreate Goa in a studio in Mumbai for the first major schedule, giving Hrithik some breathing room.

    Confirming the news, Sanjay said, “It’s not just Hrithik whose role requires tremendous preparation. Aishwarya’s part too is far from a slip-in slip-out character. Both are very busy actors. But they’re also quick on the uptake. And once they are back, they’ll be able to give themselves completely to the project.”

    In recent weeks, Sanjay has been meeting paraplegics all over the country and they’ve also been invited to Mumbai to meet the director. Commenting on the meeting, the director said emotionally, “It has been a life-changing experience. It is so inspiring to meet these people. Many of them haven’t moved from their wheelchairs and beds all their lives. And yet they’re so free-spirited and their zest for life is amazing.”

    “I want Guzaarish to be inspirational and not some depressing and defeatist story of physical disability. And I want my lead actors to be as inspired as I am. I know Hrithik and Aishwarya can bring the spirit of ebullience into the story. I know they’ll get the point as soon as they join me,” said Sanjay.

    • I want Guzaarish to be inspirational and not some depressing and defeatist story of physical disability
    —Sanjay Leela Bhansali

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