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    I hope to be a good wife some day
    The ethereal Manisha Koirala has at last found her true love and métier.

    Paris is the city that has captured the ethereal beauty's attention completely and irrevocably.

    "I've always been a wanderer. I've always gone with my heart.But my romance with Paris has outlasted all others, "she says with contagious joie de vivre.

    She's finally decided to pitch her tent where her heart has always been.

    Yes, Manisha is buying herself a home in Paris. She has already zeroed in on Saint Germaine as the locality in Paris where she wants to make herself a reliable getaway.

    "I've been away from Mumbai for so long. It's good to be back. Mumbai will always be my home. But Paris and I seem to be attached in strange unexpected ways. I've always found the city extremely romantic. Paris just oozes art culture tradition and bonhomie. Every time I go there I feel completely at home."

    Recently Manisha took a longish break to be in Paris alone. "And I absolutely loved it. That's when I decided I wanted a second home. I'm in the process of buying my dream home there. But Mumbai will always be home.

    It's just a hop and a flight away. Whenever I'm shooting in Mumbai, which would be quite a lot from now on, I just need to catch the next plane. My family can come and join me in Paris anytime."

    Family, says Manisha, comes first for her above career and self-fulfilment. "Recently we were all together when my father fell ill. I saw how my mother looked after my father. Some day in the near future I hope to be an equally good wife and mother."

    Manisha is also in the process of making a grand comeback to Bollywood. She has lost oodles of weight and looks the way she did in her career-making classics Sanjay Bhansali's Khamoshi, Mani Ratnam's Bombay and Dil Se.

    "I know I made serious career mistakes. One lives and learns. I've been restless. But now there's a great deal of spirituality and calm in my life. The home in Paris is an extension of my growth and equanimity as an individual."

    Manisha also intends to direct a film soon.In fact she recently went to New York University to learn editing and direction. "I know I have it in me. Some day soon I'll direct a film. But it has to be a natural process. I won't persuade myself to do anything I don't believe in. I never have."



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