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    Default Honey Singh to sing for Bruce Willis' Diehard 5

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    If notoriety is a stepping-stone to stardom then the recent controversies surrounding some of his songs have taken rapper Honey Singh to another level of popularity. After the controversies that erupted around Honey’s songs allegedly based on sexal themes, the singer is inundated with renewed offers to sing for Hindi films.

    Honey sang hit songs last year in the films Cocktail and Khiladi 786. He is now in the process of cracking deals for at least seven new Bollywood projects for topnotch filmmakers including Sajid Nadiadwala and Anurag Kashyap.

    But the topping on the controversial cake is a Hollywood deal about to be cracked with the producers of the latest installment of the Diehard franchise.

    Apparently Honey is game for his first international film-song except for the time-factor.

    Says Honey, “They need the song in a week. I take at least three weeks to write and compose a song. If it’s my first international song and that too for a franchise as well-known as Diehard I’ve to make sure it’s an effort worth listening to.”

    Honey is working on the song. He will deliver to the producers only if he is fully satisfied with the number.

    Impeding his progress on this and others musical projects are the various FIRs filed against him in different parts of the country accusing him of composing misogynistic songs.

    Sighs Singh, “My lawyers have been busy. Only now have I been able to get out of the tangle. Now I can again think straight. But it hasn’t been an easy time for me. I was unnecessarily attacked and ripped apart.”

    Honey has written a song about the whole experience that he went through earlier this month when the moral police slammed down on him. The song titled ‘Bring Me Back’ will be premiered later this week on MTV.

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    Awesome. Die Hard 5 cant wait to se this for a couple of days I watched 1-3
    Do you know Richard Cheese?



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