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    Default Hollywood's Ramayan with Salman & Shilpa

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    The trend of B-town actors turning into superheroes is at its peak, but midst that hype let us not forget the real heroes that are spoken of in our epic history. Yes - we are referring to the mighty powerful Ram-bhakht, Pavan Purtra Hanuman,who is soon going to be giving us darshan in the form of the Dabangg star Salman Khan, and that too in Hollywood!

    No need to rub your eyes for clarifications, you have read correctly. While the Indian film industry tries to create an army of Hollywood style superheroes, the latter has decided to bring to their nation the Indian Idol Hanuman (to be portrayed by Khan), flying high above their New York skyscrapers to rescue Sita, in the adaptation of our sacred Ramayan.

    Hollywood producer Uru Patel had originally offered this role to perfectionist actor Aamir Khan who was unable to provide Patel with a confirmation for unknown reasons, and as a result, another Khan has been approached for this potential role.

    Although this project was heard of just after Shilpa Shetty's famous win in the British TV show, Celebrity Big Brother, in 2007, rumors had dulled over time. But it seems like the flame has brightened once again and she will be seen portraying the character of the dedicated worldly mother and consort of Lord Ram, Sita.

    Should the said reports materialize, the film will be set in 2012-13 New York. Our legendary Ram will be played by none other than the Matrix Trilogy superstar Keanu Reeves, while the great scholar and Shiva devotee cum antagonist Raavan will be seen in the form of one of cinema's greatest villains of all-time and highest-grossing actor in the history of film, Gary Oldman, otherwise famous for his recent role in the Harry Potter Series' Sirius Black.

    If plans go on the floor with this modern-day adaptation, then Khan will become the only ambiguous superhero in Bollywood after taking on his brother, Sohail Khan's superhero movie Sher Khan, which is scheduled for shoot following Dabangg 2 this year. Apart from the unusual cast being roped in together, Khan and Shetty will be seen sharing screen space after a very long time, and need we say, in a most unexpected way.

    After superheroes, it seems actors will progress into Gods over the years. With Karan Johar's Shiva trilogy lined up with actor Hrithik Roshan, and now Khan who will follow suit as Hanuman, we wonder who is next! But in the meantime, get ready to worship these hunks on your screens during the next few years!



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