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    Default I hold no grudges against my husband: Manisha Koirala

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    She has made up her mind. Mumbai will be her home from now on. And she is resuming work in her production house MK Moving Images.

    Says Manisha excitedly, `I want to run my production house the way Ram Gopal Varma looks after his production. Like him I want the entire infrastructure-deistributors, financiers, etc-all in place. I already have the correct support. But before I start a film I want to become more confident about my abilities as a producer. `

    She has been a gypsy for too long.

    Says Manisha Koirala, `I was traveling incessantly. Iíd spend six months in the US, two months in Paris, then a few months in Nepal. Then I was talking about buying a home in ParisÖ. crazy dreamsÖAll this confused the film industry.

    I was only trying to figure out what I wanted to with do my life. Now I know I was born to be part of cinema. Movies will always be a pivotal part of my life. I know other actresses take a break and are happy not doing movies. Not me. I miss the camera when I am out of range. Being on the sets is to me my life and soul. `

    Manisha Koirala has never been more serious about her career in Mumbai. Speaking candidly on every aspect of her selfadmittedly `mellow relaxed and reflective` life the Nepali beauty who wowed us in Mani Ratnamís Bombay and Dil Se and in Sanjay Leela Bhansaliís Khamoshi: The Musical says sheís in a happy space.

    `I am completely into health and meditation. Iíve slackened my pace of work. I am no longer running around. I like to spend time at home.
    I am in Mumbai now, and signing selected films. Iíve completed Bhoot Returns with Ram Gopal Varma and weíre discussing another project very seriously, this time not a horror film. And after a failed attempt at direction I am again planning to direct a film. That apart I am spending as much time as possible with my family.

    I am up at 5 am every day for my Tíai chi classes. My teacher arrives by 6 pmÖIíve stopped partying. Iíd rather be home with my parents. I am having a different kind of fun now. `

    Manisha and Ram Gopal Varma have formed a new mutual admiration society. `I really enjoyed working with Ramu again after so many years. I think he too was surprised by what I did in Bhoot 2.

    I guess once an actor always an actor. He has offered me 2-3 films after Bhoot Returns. I was in his office to see the rushes of Bhoot Returns. Iíve also completed a Malayalam film directed by Lenin. Iíve done some good films in Malayalam. `

    Manisha says she is now seeking job satisfaction. ` I am taking a lot of interest in my work again. Earlier I was traveling all over the world. Then I got married. Everyone presumed I had lost interest in my career. That was not true. Once you are an actor, you remain so. Iíve lots of offers coming to me`
    She admits at some point she became disinterested in her career. `I was questioning myself asking. ĎAre movies all there is to my life?í I was exploring. I stopped caring about what films I did. `

    Manisha is gearing up to take up direction. `I even a did a course in filmmaking in the US. I was supposed to direct a film on Gautam Buddha. That didnít work out. A pity, because the entire script had been written. It was in English.

    The late Ashok Mehta was to do the cinematography, Bhanu Athaiya the costumes and the late Samir Chandra the art direction. That was a costume drama. Now Iíve got another offer.

    It is a contemporary theme and the whole team would have to be different. I canít make an out-and-out masala film. I am nervous about going into direction. It will require a lot of preparation.

    Manisha says he would now be stationed in Mumbai, except for a few months every year in Nepal. `Iíd definitely be spending a few months in Nepal every year. I have a home and family there.

    Manisha regrets nothing. She doesnít want to turn back the clock even to remedy her aborted marriage.
    Ask her about her failed marriage Manisha takes a deep breath and says cautiously, `Because itís you, I will say this much. I now realize some people are meant for marriage, others are not. I am not. At the moment weíre separated. I am here (in Mumbai).

    Both of us are good people. I hold no grudges against him (her husband). His family is wonderful. I donít want to hurt either his family or mine by saying anything. His folks are lovely folks. I respect him and his family. Thatís all youíll get out of me.



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