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    Default Hissss… it’s Mallika’s bare butt?

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    There’s much blood, people transforming into snakes, a kidnapping, a jungle and lot of other things to interest you

    And then there is Mallika Sherawat baring her butt. In not just one scene, but a few of them. We’re talking about Mallika’s film Hissss.

    When we spoke to Ratan Jain, who is a part of the film, he tried to wiggle his way out by saying, “I am only involved with Hissss in the capacity of a financer. You can talk to Mallika’s bother, Vikram Lamba, who is the producer of the film.”

    Vikram totally denies that Mallika has exposed her butt in Hissss. “We have used a body double,” he tells us. Did the otherwise bold actress develop cold feet when asked to do the scene, we wonder. “There’s nothing like that,” Vikram shoots back. “Jennifer Lynch (the director) took a call on the matter and decided that we should use a body double.”

    Hissss is the story of a naagin with a vengeance agenda, played by Mallika. The naagin shape-shifts into a beautiful woman to locate her mate who has been captured and creates chaos in the city, and it is this naagin which Irrfan Khan, as a cop, must also capture.

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