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    Default Hindi version of Eega not on 3D

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    Producer of the Telugu film Eega Suresh Babu has yet to take a decision on making the Hindi version of the animation film in 3D. Though Babu admits that distributors of the Hindi version want the film to be converted into 3D, he is averse to the whole thing.

    “The tests are going on but we are yet to take a final call, moreover we have to see whether it makes economic sense,” avers Babu.

    Joining him the film’s editor, S. S. Rajamouli remarks, “We have to take into account various aspects like the costs, the number of screens available and the time to get it converted into 3D.” He goes on to indicate that converting the socio-fantasy film into a 3D version may take four to five months as some of the sequences have to be re-produced.

    On the hand, the makers have already made it public that they would release the Hindi version by August or September. Eega (house fly in Telugu), claimed to be southern cinema's most technologically superior film released worldwide on 6 July with 1,200 print. It has proved to be one of the biggest hits of recent times.

    After the villain kills the hero, he is reborn as Eega that happens to remember what happened in its last birth. The rest of the story is about Eega’s indomitable effort to take revenge on the villain.



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