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    Cool Himesh takes Khiladi 786 to Wembley

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    Himesh Reshammiya is ensuring that the music of his Khiladi 786 goes places. Well, literally! For his upcoming London concert at Wembley, he would be playing a medley of songs from the film which would be incidentally released around the same time.

    "While the film releases all over on December 7, the concert would be held a few days later on Dec 16. Himesh is expected to fly after film is through with its first weekend. While he is in the process of short-listing songs that he would be singing at the concert, the ones at the top of the list are obviously from his soon-to-be-released film. In fact he has been getting requests to sing 'Balma', 'Lonely', 'Saari Saari Raat' and the latest arrival 'Hookah Bar'. Himesh is planning to form a medley of these songs and come up with something creative that would make the experience memorable indeed", says a close associate.

    In fact some of his diehard fans are also planning to felicitate him for his consistency by equating his resurgence as a composer to that of Sachin Tendulkar in the field of sports.

    "Both are in their late 30s, share the same year of birth and have proven their consistency in their respective domain. The moment Himesh decided to compose for outside films, it seemed as if he hadn't gone away anywhere. Flurry of successes during last year and a half with multiple chartbusters added to his name is a testimony to that", adds an insider, "Now when he travels to Wembley, he can't disappoint his fans. He has to do something special for them."



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