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    Talking Himesh to use saregama girls

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    Himesh to use saregama girls
    By Subhash K Jha

    Himesh has had enough of his status as a one-man music industry. At least for now.

    In his forthcoming films he wants to introduce at least one new singer in each one of his forthcoming starrers.

    Himesh feels he owes it to the industry. "I think I must give new talent to the music industry because even I was a newcomer once. And fresh untried talent always works since my music usually caters to a younger audience which is always on the look-out for fresh unconventional voices."

    For Mudh Mudh Ke Na Dekh Mudh Mudh Ke which is a love triangle Himesh intends to introduce new singing talent for the two leading ladies Niharika Singh and Jennifer Kotwal. "I came across some mindblowing female voices while I was judging Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.I'll be using these for M2KNDM2K".

    On Friday Himesh Reshammiya recorded his 75th song.

    "I've already released fifty songs and I intend to use the twenty-five songs that I've in my music bank for the four films Karzzzz, Kajraare, A Love Iiisshtory and Mudh Nudh Ke Na Dekh that I'm starring in."

    Himesh intends to introduce four new singers in these four films



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