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    Default Himesh Reshammiya's hair transplant complete, the wig and extensions are off!

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    Much has been written about singer-turned-actor Himesh Reshammiya's hair or the absence of it! He went through great pains including hair weaving and hair extensions in order to have lush hair. Latest is that Himesh is finally ready to show-off his real hair as his hair weaving process, for which he went abroad, is finally showing results. (See pic).

    Himesh will be first seen in this look in John Matthew's film A New Love Ishtory and Studio 18's Ishq Unplugged.

    A friend of Himesh told Mumbai Mirror, ?Himesh wore hair extensions but at the same time as a result of hair weaving, his real hair was growing under the extensions. Now that he has thick hair, he has thrown away the extensions. He is looking fantastic now.?

    ?Ab extensions ki zaroorat kya hai? Na hi zaroorat hai cap ki. Ab toh asli baal hain Himesh ke, (what is the point of extensions or wearing a cap? Now, Himesh has real hair)? added Himesh's friend.

    Pooja Bhatt who is directing Himesh in her forthcoming film Kajrare said, ?I was shocked when I saw Himesh with his new look two days ago. I think he is looking deadly.?

    ?I have shot most of his portions already. But I have yet to film a flashback track. I will be using his new look in those portions,? added Pooja.

    I was shocked when I saw Himesh with his new look two days ago. I think he is looking deadly - Pooja Bhatt

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    lol thanks for sharing



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