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    Default Heroine runs into trouble in UAE

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    The upcoming Kareena Kapoor starrer Heroine, directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, has run into trouble in the Middle East. Madhur, who till date has enjoyed an overwhelming success rate when it comes to his films in the UAE, may just have to rephrase a certain dialogue in Heroine. The reason? The first promo of the film has triggered off a controversy with Kareena's dialogue, where she accuses the media of holding preconceived notions about actresses by saying, "Heroine ne gaadi li toh business man ne gift kiya... aur God forbid Dubai gayi, toh uska rate card ban jaata hai. " This particular dialogue hasn't gone down too well and has hurt the sentiments of people in the United Arab Emirates.

    Apparently, the media in the Emirates has not taken too kindly to the dialogue accusing Bhandarkar of 'ignorance' and said that the immoral reference to the city was not required.

    However, to appease the sentiments, the makers have collectively decided to change the controversial dialogue in the copy of the film that will be screened in UAE. Reportedly, it is said that the word Dubai will either be muted or dubbed with a suitable alternative.



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