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    Arrow Harman-Priyanka will come to blows!

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    Harman-Priyanka will come to blows!
    Since the days of Alam Ara and Harishchandra, Bollywood has been experiencing enough banta bigarta love stories, the newest among them being between Priyanka Chopra and Hrithik look alike Harman Baweja.

    The off screen love story will soon be witnessed in their on screen chemistry of Love Story 2050. The off screen tota maina will thus be digitally immortalized for generations to come.

    But olla! The screen thatís offering the immortality to the jodi, is on the other hand going to create a rift for them!

    No, itís not a talk about any tension building up in the story of Love Story 2050 but the clash that the release date of two different films starring Harman and Priyanka separately creates. And to complete the ice on the cake is the huge star cast that both the films have.

    14th of November is the date when both Fashion and Victory have been decided to hit the theaters. While Fashion will portray Priyanka as the central protagonist, Victory will showcase Harman as the lead.

    The releasing date that is decided may not be considered as pure co-incidental as the date of Fashion was decided quite few weeks back and now itís Victory that has finalized to crack the market of Fashion.

    Dealing with different genres, the films are expected to have somehow unfair competition as while Fashion is directed by 3 times National Award winner Madhur Bhandarkar, Victory is the debut venture of Ajit Pal.

    With Madhur itís quite expected to witness the fashion hiding behind the glossy ramps of fashion but Ajit is yet very unexpected. In such scenario Priyanksís palla seems little heavy.

    Whatever, Ajit has chosen his subject to be a journey of a small town boy who ultimately attains fame in international cricket.

    Pitch looks quite well decorated, only Harman has to play his best to win against his love Priyanka. Well, letís not hope for another IPL, Interminable Prem Ladai!



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