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    Default No one sees the hard work behind success: Huma Qureshi

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    Actress Huma Qureshi may be just three films old (Gangs Of Wasseypur, Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana and now Ek Thi Daayan), but she doesn't feel like an outsider anymore. In a chat wih TOI she speaks about her friends, family and some 'weighty' issues...

    Three films in four months - is that overwhelming sometimes?
    I think it must be overwhelming for other people! They must be 'like isko itna kaam kaise mil raha hai?' What is she on? I say chavanprash. Other people always think you're an overnight success, but I guess no one sees the hard work or whatever time you spend peechhe. Like when I was working in theatre in Delhi, for three years of my life, from 2-9 pm, every day we were just acting or rehearsing or reading or ideating. I'll give you an example. I was nominated for best debut. And I remember growing up watching all these awards shows on TV! At some point in the evening, it just struck me that I don't feel like an outsider, I don't feel that this is so cool that it's untouchable. And I was thinking when my parents and friends, who have no idea about all this, are going to watch the telecast, they'll be like, 'Dude, Huma's doing so well for herself ya'. But I'm putting in 14 hours every day, so I somewhere feel like I really worked hard for this. And I am not saying this in a cocky way at all.

    How do your parents react?
    What I love about my parents is that they are so untouched by all this, they have no idea. My father still does not know a lot of people. I took him for a premiere, I think it was the first one he attended. Everybody was there, so I introduced my father to Irrfan Khan. And my dad, who has probably seen my film after Mughal-E-Azam because he's always so busy trying to make an honest living and running his restaurants, tells him, 'Arey, maine aapko kahin dekha hai.' I died. I told Irrfan, 'I'm sorry, my father doesn't watch movies'. Irrfan, being the gentleman that he is, said, 'Nahi nahi sahab, mujhe bhi lagta hai main aapse pehle kahin mila hua hoon'. My dad was like, 'Dekha! Main keh raha tha.' And I'd hate it if my parents or friends or family suddenly decide to become very la-di-da! I want to come back to people who love me.

    So when something like that magazine cover shoot happened, which was debated quite a bit on social media for being too sexy - was that debated at home?
    But that's good, right, that it was debated? The point is, I don't want to be mediocre. I definitely want to be more than just mediocre, being okay or being Miss Goody Two Shoes. But interestingly, it was not debated at home. My mother just asked me, 'When did this happen'. I said, 'Some days back', and she said, 'Achcha, you should've discussed it, no?' So I told her it happened very quickly. And she said, 'Okay', and that's it. My parents see how hard I work and know their child is in a profession which is in the limelight, but the person who is making all these decisions is level-headed. They have confidence in me and my brother Saqib.

    You and Saqib are still staying together?
    Yes, absolutely. Bollywood has given me, apart from a great career, two things - the most amazing relationship with my brother, and the other thing is my relationship with food. With my brother, while growing up we weren't very close, we were like any other bhai-behen. He thought I was the girl so I was always over-pampered, I thought he was younger so everyone loved him more. When we moved to Mumbai, we realized that both of us are so similar. Somewhere we feel that it's just the both of us and I can trust him more than any other friend in the world. With food, I had a very difficult relationship. I have done crash diet, binge diet, I've hated myself, I thought I was ugly. Every girl goes through that. But today, I've met so many doctors, nutritionists, who tell me there's no quick fix. So, I am eating much more, I work out 3-4 times a week, don't treat food like a substitute! That's what Bollywood's real gift has been.

    So when there is talk about Huma being a 'plus-size actress', it doesn't bother you?
    Seriously, I couldn't give a s**t. I was shooting for an action sequence and for that I was wearing a gown and under that a metal harness. I looked fairly big. So, I hadn't put on weight! Even if I do gain weight, I'm not going to be paranoid about it. I'm a human being, I will go for a vacation, I'll put on weight, I'll lose weight! When you cut your hair, do you worry, badhe nahi toh? What we need to understand is that two people will always be different. Like, Anushka Sharma is really, really thin. People say all sorts of things that she's anorexic and what not. She's a lovely girl, so admire her for what she is! We're all pretty in our own way. It's just so stupid!

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