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    Default Guinness world record appreciation for 'Bhavanaonko Samjho'

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    For the first time in the history of Bollywood 52 television stand up comedians will be seen in one movie making people laugh with their side splitting humour. According to our source, "The movie, 'Bhavnaonko Samjho' is actually a comedy film packed with 52 stand-up comedians among whom some of the prominent names are Sunil Pal, Navin Prabhakar, Ehsaan Qureshi."

    "It will be the first time where all the 52 comedians have themselves joined their hands to produce a movie, have written the script, and have also directed the movie and that is the reason why this movie has received an appreciation from the Guinness world Records," adds the source.

    We called up Navin Prabhakar, one of the lead actors from the movie and he quips, "It is a great movie made by the stand-up comedians and will be releasing on 18th of this month. We all are looking forward to this movie and our work of promoting the movie is on. Hope the audience accepts us in the movie as they have always done on small screen." Get ready for a laugh riot with 'Bhavnaonko Samjho'!


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