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    While his girlfriend makes up for his bad behaviour

    Imran Khan reportedly threw tantrums at a promotional event for his film “Luck” along with a shoot for a fashion magazine.

    Right from the beginning he did not seem interested in the shoot. He was grumpy and irritable and kept on complaining about the clothes and the makeup. He gave the photographers a tough time and they were not able to get the right frames.

    To make matters worse, Imran shouted at the photographer for taking long to finish the shoot.

    His girlfriend Avantika, who was also present at the shoot, remained calm and poised, and was being very cordial to everyone.

    The moody Imran should learn to be more friendly and patient or else he might run out of Luck as far as his PR and popularity are concerned.


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    Thanks alot for sharing!

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    Thanks a lot for sharing



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