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    Default Now grooms too game for makeovers: Aashmeen Munjaal

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    Celebrity stylist Aashmeen Munjaal has styled several brides over the years, but says grooms have now become more conscious of their wedding day turn-out.

    "We always think that men are not in for makeovers, but they are more game. They want to look very stunning on their wedding day," Munjaal told us.

    Munjaal, who has also styled some big names in Bollywood like Sonakshi Sinha, Kalki Koechlin, and Prachi Desai, says men prefer to go for proper counselling about how they should look for their special day.

    "Grooms get proper counselling on what they wear, what colour variations are there, along with what is accessorised with it. Even the turban is stylish," she said, adding that it is a result of growing awareness.

    "With time, men have come to know that... why should brides look good in the albums... they are memories of lifetime. So, if they have dark circles, pigmentation, tanning on their face it is visible in photos, and so now men want to get it fixed," she added.

    Talking about Indian brides, Munjaal says these days gawdy make-up is out of fashion and everybody wants a natural look.

    "Nowadays brides are looking for very sheer and natural make-up. They want their skin to be glowing, blushing and healthy but not overdone. Nothing heavy, gawdy and glittery is in fashion," she said.

    The stylist, who showcased her bridal make-up collection at the recent wedding Asian expo here, says even though the traditional red and pink remain favourite colours with the brides, many have started experimenting with other colours for their saris and lehengas.

    "Last month, I had a bride wearing sea green lehenga. If there are two, three functions then we create a palette of colours. If the bride is experimental, then she can go for colours like peacock blue, which makes you stand apart in crowd," Munjaal said.

    However, she maintained "red, pink, maroon are safe colours".



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