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    Default I grew up watching iconic VJs like Sophiya: Maria

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    Dying at 41 seems so unfair for someone who lived a life of an artiste so fully. Of Bangladeshi-British parentage, the girl from Portsmouth UK trained in dance as a child, received professional training growing up and was part of the band Akasa, which, in 1988, got signed to a major international record label. By 1997, she had moved to Mumbai for a short but remarkable veejaying stint followed by several film offers.

    Returning to the UK in 2002, she featured most famously in West End productions like Bombay Dreams, The Far Pavillions, WahWah Girls; TV shows Coronation Street and House of Anubis; Hollywood film Wanted and more recently, the musical, Privates On Parade.

    She lived in London with her partner, musical director David White, and the couple were building a houseboat when she fell ill. Diagnosed with cancer several weeks ago, her end came with a bout of pneumonia and it was reported that she had developed a clot on her lungs. She passed away late Wednesday night in her sleep at a hospital in London.

    Those in their 30s now will remember Sophiya Haque as the young harbinger of the then-nascent video jockey (veejaying) era of the 90s. She, along with the likes of Danny McGill, Nonie, and others brought a certain sophistication to TV at the time. Then again, Haque was so much more than just that.

    Maria Goretti, former Veejay
    When Sophiya was a veejay, I hadn't yet joined the channel. I grew up watching iconic VJs like her, aspiring to be one of them. I briefly met her just once but her beautiful spirit to live life stayed on with me. She was fiercely independent and she inspired a whole generation. When I got the news of her death, I was shocked and couldn't believe it. It just broke my heart. It felt too soon. She was young, really young. I probably realised that she wouldn't have lived life to her fullest had she known she had cancer. But I guess, God always has a plan. My heartfelt condolences to her family and loved ones.

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