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    Default Gossips donít affect me now: Ranveer Singh

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    Ranveer Singh, who has been away from silver screen for past few months have five releases in 2013 and 2014.

    The actor is excited about the coming year and claims that he has been fortunate that people remember him and want to see his upcoming film Lootera. "Fortunately for me people remember me and people are looking forward to Lootera. For me it's very different to come after 19 months and still they have not forgotten me. The gap is not a good thing, but hopefully this year will be good," said Ranveer.

    On being asked about his way to deal with rumours, he said, "There was a time when it used to affect me a lot and I used to think about it. Later, rumours and gossips started coming on regular intervals. Now, I don't read stories about me and they don't affect me now. When I entered Bollywood I used to be affected a lot."

    "Industry is the same towards me. Everyone is nice to me and they haven't change. Fortunately, for me people didn't change accordingly to my success or failure," concluded Ranveer.



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