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    Default The golden statue that Aamir Khan got at Ghajini's success party

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    The golden statue that Aamir Khan got at Ghajini's success party.

    Producers have strange ways of making their leading men happy at the end of a film so that they are open to doing another film.

    Ghajini producer Madhu Mantena outdid himself by presenting a solid-gold statue designed specially to resemble Aamir's Ghajini look at the party held to celebrate the film's success earlier this week.

    "8 abs included," says Mantena proudly. We didn't know it was 8 abs. "It is and we can see all 8 of them on the statue," he states.

    The statuette is pure gold and probably cost the producer close to Rs. 70-80 lakhs though he isn't telling.

    "It has certain amount of other metal to make it malleable. Solid gold wouldn't allow the identical Ghajini shape to be done in gold. But the idea was to create an Oscar-sized statue exclusively for Ghajini. Aamir knew he was getting a trophy. But he didn't know it would be golden and with his Ghajini's look. He was overwhelmed," says Mantena.

    So now a second project featuring the Ghajini actor-producer is pucca. To make sure he doesn't feel bad, director Murugadoss was also given a statue. Though we hear his was far less hefty and golden than Aamir's. But yes, the 8-abs were there for Muruga too.

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