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    Neil Nitin Mukesh talks to TOI about the girl who makes his heart skip a beat, why he wants to meet Charles Sobhraj and his plans of hosting an exhibition of his photographs in Kolkata...

    You were completely at ease on the ramp...
    Yes, I was enjoying myself. Nari makes me confident. He has supported me since the beginning of my career. He is one of the designers I identify with. After my show, a 20-something girl came up to me and said that she can kill herself for me! But there was no threat in her voice. There was a sweetness in her tone that I liked. The most dangerous reaction I had got after New York released was when a fan wrote a letter to me in blood! Whatís nice about Kolkata was the way the audience reacted to me even when I was standing in the aisles and waiting for my cue. Spotting me, some fans started shouting and I had to quickly retreat behind the curtains! I even heard some guys shouting Ďtotaí. Obviously, the reference was to my scene from New York!

    While girls are going weak in their knees, reports are that there is someone in your life...
    Yes, itís true. Love, for me, is eternal. There is somebody who I like a lot from my college days. Letís hope that things works out nice and strong between us. She is aware of my feelings. Iíll only reveal her name once she gives me the go-ahead.

    Does she feel insecure with women wanting to kill themselves for you?
    No. We share a strong friendship. She isnít from the industry, though it wasnít planned that way. She is my best critic and even if she likes something that Iíve done, she never goes overboard complimenting me. Earlier she wasnít a film buff but now she just loves watching movies. She accompanies me wherever she can.

    Since you have to travel quite a lot, how difficult is it to be in a long distance relationship?
    Mobile phones help though we are not always on the phone. Just a two-minute conversation over the phone is good enough for us when we are not in the same city.

    Does she ask you to change anything? May be, your hair colour or your behaviour?
    No. She knows that Iím blessed with a hair colour that others have to pay thousands every month to get! The best part about her is that she wants me to be just the way I am.

    While in Kolkata, what else did you do beside walking the ramp?
    Very few know that I am a trained photographer. I started photography when I was very young and then learnt it professionally in my 20s. When I was shooting in New York with Kabir Khan and Aseem Mishra, I forced them to teach me the technicalities of photography. Iíve already photographed Kolkata, though my subjects were limited to what I saw in the hotel. I like to photograph nature and soon, Iíd want to return to photograph the ethnic beauty of Kolkata. I loved the way this photograph (see pic) was taken at the magic hour. Kolkata is a very fashionable city. Itís only natural for the Kolkata Fashion Week to host such a show. There is so much beauty in this city thatís beyond the associations of Kolkata with its cobbled streets and Ambys. Soon, I plan to hold an exhibition in Kolkata on life in India.

    Is it true that you will be meeting Charles Sobhraj before shooting for Charles?
    We are contemplating it. Charles is an interesting person and there are layers to his personality. Itís too early for me to talk about the film or even divulge who would be directing it. I like to do delve into the psychť of the characters that I play. For Johnny Gaddaar, I wanted to know how a guy like Vikram turns into Johnny. In New York, I wanted to understand how Omar behaves so differently with the FBI and with his friend and his love interest.

    Sobhraj is known to be very particular about approving films being inspired by his life. Does that scare you?

    Thatís not my call. I leave it to my producers to decide that. We havenít completed the script yet. Iíll do the film only when I approve the script. Right now, Iím busy with Jail. Iíve just recorded a song. Though Iím not trained as a singer as much as my father and grandfather, I like to sing. I know the entertainment must go on. Soon, Iíll begin work on films by Ken Ghosh and Abbas-Mustan. That pretty much will keep my diary full this year.

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