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    Default A girls night out! - Shilpa Shetty

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    Considering Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra are not only a couple but also business partners, it was strange not to see him at the opening of their first spa at Khar on Sunday evening. Although Shilpa was seen socialising glamorously with the who’s who of the film industry, including Rekha, who inaugurated the spa, Raj’s absence was conspicuously felt.

    “Raj couldn’t be here on Sunday because of other business commitments. In fact, he reached Mumbai on Monday and I left for Jaipur,” Shilpa explained after the event.

    Shilpa didn’t allow herself to miss Raj during the event, in fact, she seemed happy bonding with Rekha. The two gorgeous ladies have become best friends. Rekha, it must be revealed, has never been more gregarious.

    The once-inaccessible actress is now ready to make her presence felt wherever it seems worth her while.

    This, Shilpa discovered when she invited Rekha, who not only readily agreed to grace the occasion but also showed up on the dot.

    The two ladies shared a deep bond of empathy, having achieved that tough transition of duckling to swan in an exemplary makeover. Shilpa admitted that Rekha had always been a source of inspiration. “Rekha, according to me, is the perfect Bollywood diva. There’s such a mystique surrounding her. We’ve constantly been in touch to discuss many things,” said Shilpa.

    The friendship has gone beyond sharing beauty tips to another level of sharing confidences and philosophies of life. After the spa opening, Rekha sent Shilpa a letter stating Shilpa was doing everything that she (Rekha) always wanted to do. “It was one of the most heartwarming moments of my life. The two of us are now very close,” added Shilpa.

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