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    Wants her Shahid Kapur starrer to come next

    After the huge success of “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na” last year, Genelia D’Souza (pictured left) is all set for her next release. But Genelia seems to be having her own way in deciding which of her films will release next.

    “It’s My Life, her movie with Harman Baweja, is almost complete and ready for release. But Genelia wants that her Ken Ghosh film opposite Shahid Kapur should release first. The film has created quite a buzz and she feels that it will give her the publicity she needs.

    Harman has failed to make a mark in the industry and on the other hand Shahid is sizzling hot property. Apparently, that’s why Genelia is trying all tricks possible to delay the release of “It’s My Life”.

    First it was the patchwork of the film and now it’s the dubbing. It seems that the makers are trying hard to get dates from Genelia to dub but of no avail. She has kept delaying them by saying she is unwell.

    Now the director too has decided to get back at her. He is said to be thinking of hiring a dubbing artiste if Genelia does not give the dates soon.




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