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    Popular bhajan singer Anup Jalota is also adopting the fusion way to make his deity and his listeners happy.

    The noted bhajan singer who has captured the hearts of many north Indian households with his melodious voice giving more bhakti to the poetry of Meerabai – the most significant figures of the Sant tradition of the Vaishnava bhakti movement in India, is now striking the chords in fusion with Preeti Bhalla who makes her debut with the Anup Jalota in the album ‘Girdhar Ke Rang’.

    Musically arranged by Dhiren Raichura, the album approaches with a fusion keeping in mind the traditionalisms needed for composing a bhajan album.

    The album was released by the hands of the noted ghazal singer Bhupendra Jalota at ISKON, Juhu, Mumbai very recently.

    Bhupendra’s wife Mitali who is also singer was presented to grace the occasion.

    Debutant singer Preety Bhalla sang a song from the album in remembrance of lyricist, Late Pt. Girdhar Prasad Jaipurwala whose writings in this album are his last poems.

    The debutant filled the atmosphere with spirituality with the ragas of Shri Krishna in her melodious voice creating a pleasant ambiance for all those present Noted personalities in the world of soft/semi classical music like Ram Shankar along with Jasvinder Singh, and Arvinder Singh also made their presence felt at the occasion.

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