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    Default Friday Release: Akshaye Khanna needs to excel in 'Gali Gali Chor Hai

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    Gali Gali Chor Hai' is the only Hindi film releasing this week, and at a time when the 'Agneepath' fever has not died down completely. 'Agneepath' is still raking money at the box office and that will make life difficult for the director Rumi Jaffery's 'Gali Gali Chor Hai'.
    The film features Akshaye Khanna as Bharat, a common man with two jobs. His jobs explain the diversities that can exist within the same person. He works as a cashier and a part time 'Hanuman' at a Ramleela in the city of Bhopal. His father, who wants to see a corruption free society, also lives with him.
    His wife Nisha, played by Shriya Saran, is caring and doubting at the same time. She is a school teacher who is more concerned about her husband's salary than his skills as the flying Hanuman.

    Nisha has one more problem but that lives in her home only, in the shape of a beautiful guest. Amita (Mugdha Godse) works at a call centre and likes to ride Bharat's scooter.
    Bharat wishes to perform Lord Ram but Sattu Tripathi, the younger brother of the local MLA, refuses to leave the character for him. The MLA wants a room of Bharat's house for his election campaign but Bharat's father gives that room to a rival candidate.
    One day Bharat finds himself trapped in a case of theft which revealed the pathetic state of judiciary to him. The case shakes him from inside and he starts a fight against corruption and injustice.
    The idea of making a film against corruption is not bad, especially post-Anna movement but most of the times Bollywood filmmakers go for a comic story with a serious looking climax which doesn't satisfy the audience's need of a solution. Not that making comedy on corruption will have zero effect but it can be more effective if the storyteller provides an alternate.

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